Toledo Zoo Scorecard Summary

In this week’s article we will give you TAACC’s scorecard summary for the Toledo Zoo. The information contained in the summary is based on data supplied to the TAACC by the Toledo Zoo. They were very cooperative in supplying the information we requested and in agreeing to meet with us to discuss our findings. We are providing you with this information so you can make an informed decision on whether you vote for the Zoo’s levy on November 3, 2015 or not. Please note that this levy is a 1 mill, 10 year capital levy, and the Zoo is seeking this renewal levy 1 (one) year early (the current levy is set to expire in 2016). Since this is a capital levy, it supports the construction of new exhibits and/or renovation of current exhibits. Proceeds from this levy represent approximately 23% of the Zoo’s annual revenues.

Click the links below to view the Toledo Zoo scorecard summaries


Chart Data

Contact the TAACC office for more information on the Zoo’s Scorecard or if you have questions about our analysis.

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