Mission Statement

The TAACC advocates and promotes the economic growth and development of African American owned businesses by focusing on the development of business opportunities, business alliances, and legislative advocacy.

Vision Statement

The TAACC is focused on serving the minority business community and has as its goal the promotion of economic development through the creation of jobs and provision of assistance to small businesses. As a result the entire Toledo and Northwest Ohio Region is strengthened.

The TAACC was initially formed in response to several questions:

  • Who in the greater Toledo area consistently and systemically advocating on behalf of African American owned businesses in a coordinated way?
  • What organization(s) focuses on providing programming, and networking opportunities for African American owned businesses and challenges African American owned businesses to do better so they can achieve long term success?
  • Who is attempting to educate our Community on the importance of supporting African American owned businesses?

The answer to these questions was a resounding “no one does it all”.

The TAACC was formed to address these issues and fill a leadership void in the minority business community.